• Image of The Bendal Interlude - Reign of The Unblinking Eye

Black Bow Records are pleased to announce that they will be releasing the new album from UK underground sensations The Bendal Interlude. The band, which features two members of thrashers Short Sharp Shock, is best described as a mix of thrash and sludge with bits of psychedelia thrown in for good measure. Think of 16, Rwake, Eyehategod, Down and Slayer thrown into a blender and you would have a good idea of what the band sounds like.

Reign of the Unblinking Eye will be released on April 1 2016.

About The Bendal Interlude:

Taking influence from the likes of the Melvins/Crowbar/Cathedral, The Bendal Interlude add a unique blend of stoner/psych-metal and blues with heavy melodic-groove based structures, spacey interuludes, cinematic live samples, and a spit-in-your-face vocal assault.

The band have shared stages with luminaries such as: Sunn O))), Earth, Orange Goblin, COC, Church of Misery, Red Fang and more. They have also appeared at major festivals such as Hammerfest, Sonisphere and Desertfest.

Track Listing

Side A

Buckfast For Breakfast
Losing Things
The Unblinking Eye
Efram's Hands
Pint of Bodies


Creeks Gigantic
Triumph of Fortitudo
The Block
R.I.P SP808

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