• Image of SLOMATICS NEW ALBUM - 'Strontium Fields' 12" Vinyl
  • Image of SLOMATICS NEW ALBUM - 'Strontium Fields' 12" Vinyl


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There strides the behemoth. Across nearly 20 years, SLOMATICS have developed a singularly identifiable style in the heavy underground. Working since 2004 from their home in Belfast, Northern Ireland, they have crafted seven-going-on-eight full-lengths and countless splits with outfits like AGENTS OF THE MORAI, CONAN, HOLLY HUNT, MAMMOTH WEED WIZARD BASTARD, YANOMAMÖ and many others, fostering a sound that soars at least as much as it crushes. SLOMATICS' new full-length offering Strontium Fields will be released on September 8th.

“Strontium Fields is, for us, a post pandemic reflection - full of the joy of life, filtered through a wall of amps, fuzz boxes and ancient synthesisers. We’ve kept busy releasing music through the lockdowns but are especially excited to release a full length album again, one on which we hope we have captured and developed every area of our sound. This album feels like both a consolidation and a leap forward, with more melody, experimentation and riffs than ever before.“ - David

This release comes in three distinct vinyl variations. Each limited to 250.

Variant 1 - blue and cream (moon phase)
Variant 2 - red and teale (cornetto)
Variant 3 - starburst exclusive through the Slomatics Bandcamp page

Track listing is

Side A
1. Wooden Satellites
2. I, Neanderthal
3. Time Capture
4. Like A Kind of Minotaur

Side B
5. Voidians
6. Zodiac Arts Lab
8. With Dark Futures

Release date 8th September 2023

Shipped from the Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Marty - Drums / Vocals
David - Guitar
Chris - Guitar

Album produced by Rocky O'Reilly at Start Together Studio, Belfast.
Mastered by James Plotkin.
Artwork by Ryan Lesser