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Debut full length release from this Seattle outfit. Simply heavier and darker than any other similar band laying claim to such accolades.

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Born of the desire to further explore the realms of Introspection, Un's debut full-length, THE TOMB OF ALL THINGS, carves a new path of leaden, mournful dirges and massive cosmic soundscapes. Originally formed as a 3-piece in the Summer of 2012, the band combined their collective experiences and influences to create a unique blend of Doom and Post-Metal. After two self-released demos in 2013 and numerous performances around the Northwest, the band eventually expanded to add a second guitarist to further develop their sonic palette.

Utilising thundering fuzz-trodden rhythms and cavernous reverb-soaked clean sections, the quartet continues pushing forth to forge a dynamic, immersive experience. "We wanted to create something more than just a 'funeral doom' record," says Monte, the band's guitarist/vocalist. "Our main concern was writing songs that are emotionally relatable without compromising atmosphere or intensity." After unleashing THE TOMB OF ALL THINGS in the fall of 2015 on Black Bow Records and plans to tour throughout 2016, Un's cosmic vessel of melancholy and realisation will only continue to soar through the infinite cosmos... towards whatever end may wait.

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