This is the pre order for 'Volumes', the new full length album by Headless Kross.

Glasgow’s Headless Kross combine monolithic riffs, mind bending psychedelia and crust tinged freak-outs to give them their unique sound. Frequently described as ‘psychedelic doom’, swirling phasers and repetitive pounding rhythms give way to downtuned heaviness in a way that is somehow both tight and loose at the same time.

Formed in 2011, Headless Kross are Tommy Duffin (ex Atomgevitter and The Process) on guitar, Jonny Montgomery (ex Phlange) on drums, and Derek Sexton (ex Ultimo Dragon and Order of the Black Cross) on bass and vocals. Tommy and Jonny had been practicing for a few months before they recruited Derek.

Their first album ‘Bear’, recorded at Tommy’s 16 Ohm Studio, was released in 2011, and was the Bone Reader’s Best Unsigned/Independent Album of 2011. The following summer they released the ‘Demises’ EP on limited numbered CDs, and in early 2013 they released a split 7” with Belfast’s War Iron. Later that year Head of Crom released a split 12” with Lazarus Blackstar. The Headless Kross side was a 17 minute epic mutation of Amon Duul II’s Deutsch Nepal, which was described as being “as impressive as it is expansive” by the Sleeping Shaman webzine. Rock-A-Rolla magazine claimed it was “…something precious few would attempt and even fewer could do justice to, but this Glasgow three-piece somehow pull it off."

Volumes was produced at Skyhammer Studio by Chris Fielding (www.skyhammerstudio.com), and mastered by James Plotkin (Khanate / Jodis).

Postage begins 1st April 2015.
Double LP - black heavyweight vinyl only.
Worldwide postage.


1. Rural Juror
2. Who is this who is coming.
3. Even the destroyed things have been destroyed.