• Image of Bast - Spectres - Full length album - 12 inch vinyl


12 inch vinyl debut release from London's own BAST.

Artwork designed and produced by Craig Bryant (vocals and guitar).

Limited run of 300 black vinyl, followed by a limited run of 50 tape cassettes.

BAST is a trio specialising in an unhealthy blend of Black Metal and Doom. With a flair for experimentation and emphasis on storytelling, the debut full-length ‘Spectres’ weaves together a hatful of heavy and a pinch of psychedelia to take you on a journey of Godless riffs and crippling atmosphere. Produced by the skilled hands of Chris Fielding at SkyhammerStudio - www.skyhammerstudio.com

For fans of: Altar Of Plagues, Winterfylleth, Neurosis, Eagle Twin, Eyehategod.


Release date TBC - early 2014.

CD and digital version will be released by BURNING WORLD RECORDS



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