• Image of Fister / Norska Split - Equinoctial - 7 inch vinyl

7 inch vinyl split between Fister and Norska. Now being pressed, all paid for. ETA from the pressing plant is early March.

US / CANADA - please order from the bands directly.

If your country isn't listed in the order drop down then please get in touch and I will will work it out and add it.

Black heavyweight vinyl.

Limited numbers (300)

Release date TBC, early 2014.

Worldwide shipping (US and Canada handled by the bands themselves)

Artwork by Scott Fogelbach.

Fister is a three piece doom metal band from St. Louis, Missouri. The band incorporates heavy influences from the black and death metal genres into a depressing sludge spewing heaviness that many have attempted, but few have mastered. Fister's latest full length 'Gemini' is a testament to this, as the band captured the aural equivalence to watching a Cronenberg film on barbiturates. The band recently reunited with producer/engineer Gabe Usery for their newest installment of dread inducing heaviness as an offering for their newest split with Oregon's Norska.

For fans of Burning Witch, Rwake, Craft, Yob, and Khanate


NORSKA, made up of Jim Lowder, Aaron Rieseberg (Yob), Dustin Rieseberg and Jason Oswald, are a sludge/mountain-man doom outfit from Portland, Oregon, and thereabouts who have managed to find a home for their diverse musical disciplines in a project that is both sonically and cerebrally heavy. Norska’s unique brand of metal displays the extremes of human emotion in musical form, ranging from enraged, pummeling riffs and inhuman growls to moments of uplifting, quiet triumph and, ultimately—briefly—merciful resolution. For fans of Isis, Yob, Conan, Tool, any other type of thinking-man’s heavy music—or anyone else seeking deafening sonic catharsis.


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